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SFSF_FlagsOnly-small Welcome to our very first blog. This is something we’ve been thinking about doing for a while, but it took our active fan base on Facebook to encourage us to take that first step. Plus, as the new Artistic Director of the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, I wanted a forum to share ideas with our fans that goes beyond a quick little post on Facebook.

It seems like you enjoy hearing more about what’s happening behind the scenes at the Festival – or hey, maybe you just need a few links to surf on your iPhone while you’re standing in line at Safeway. Either way, we hope to entertain, inform, and inspire you with behind-the-scenes stories about what happens here at the Festival. (It’s a little less crazy than “Slings and Arrows,” but not much.)

So spread out your picnic blanket on a little piece of the great big grassy park called the internet, open a bottle of wine, and get ready to geek out on the Bard – that 450-year-old guy we still can’t get enough of after all this time. I’m looking forward to sharing Shakespeare with you.

Rebecca headshot

Rebecca J. Ennals, Artistic Director