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SF Shakes is interested in creating long-term relationships with skilled, compassionate educators.

Teaching Artists

Rather than hire for a specific job, we are looking to add to our pool of TAs, all of whom will receive information about specific gigs as they arise. These programs include (but are not limited to) Winter/Spring/Fall Residencies and Bay Area Summer Shakespeare Camps. More information on our upcoming programming can be found on the Education page.

We are seeking resumes and letters of interest from Bay Area-based Teaching Artists. Please include your past teaching and theatre experience, as well as your teaching philosophy, values, and approach. Please send via email to  BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and disabled Teaching Artists are encouraged to apply.


SF Shakes is first and foremost an educational institution. We believe in the value and power of teaching. There is a critical need in our society today to prepare teachers who know their subject matter well, who understand the social and emotional needs of students, and who have the resources they need to implement their best practices. Teachers affect the future as well as the next generation of artists and audiences, and as such our Teaching Artists are equally valued as other artists within our institution.


We educate using techniques that are fun and fulfilling, nurture ensemble-building and mindfulness, are community and peer driven, and adapted to the group’s needs.
  • We nurture creative choices.
  • We approach classroom management in a compassionate and mindful way, engaging each individual and supporting the group as a whole.
  • While some of our students go on to have careers in theatre, we are focused on teaching skills and training abilities that will allow students to grow into empathetic, resilient, well-rounded human beings and community members.
  • We recognize and emphasize the importance of agency and consent in our classroom culture, providing and maintaining a physically and emotionally safe environment for all students to explore their creativity and grow as an artist.
  • We value fun. We want our students to be appropriately challenged so that they can grow, but we never want that challenge to become burdensome. We don’t sacrifice students’ enjoyment and passion for technique or output.
  • While we value and encourage our teaching artists’ personal artistic fulfillment, we ask our TA’s to prioritize pedagogy. We remember we are working with students, not professionals.
  • We welcome students challenging our preconceptions, and are excited to widen our perspective; we are learners too.

Pay Structure

Current rates are $35/hour for teaching and day-of prep, and $31/hour for training, pre-planning, and post-program review & reflection.

SF Shakes is committed to paying for all hours worked, including prep time.

About SF Shakes' Education Program

SF Shakes has a 30-year history of providing theatre education for the Bay Area. A year ago, we restructured our education department, going from a two person team to a workgroup with nine current members. This collective approach to decision making and implementation has improved working conditions and the experience we can offer our TAs. We create fun and meaningful programming for our students, both virtually and, ever increasingly, in person.

SF Shakes approaches classroom management with a sense of empathy, curiosity, and play. We are excited to collaborate with open-minded and open-hearted Teaching Artists who are dedicated to building equitable educational environments with a passion for the art of theatre.

For more information about the SF Shakes’ Education Program, check out the Values, Ethics, and Aesthetics document the workgroup created together last year.

The Education Workgroup consists of Bidalia Albanese, Rebecca Ennals, Evan Held, Charlie Lavaroni, Marie Morley, Rainier Pearl-Styles, Michaela Stewart, Brittany Vi-King. See full list of Teaching Artists.