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saturday upstart crows

Weekend classes for ages 11-18

Saturday Upstart Crows is a physically and mentally engaging Shakespeare experience where students age 11-18 deepen their skills and knowledge through a comprehensive rehearsal process that explores language, history, voice, movement, text analysis, and play. 

As is the case with our Advanced Shakespeare Workshop program, the process culminates with a scenes and monologues showcase. Those who enroll early will have the opportunity to email us with material that you may be interested in. We’ll then then keep requested material in mind when selecting scenes and monologues for the performance.

teaching artists

Al (they/he) has been an actor since a nativity play at 10, and an atheist since 13. With a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from SF State University, they have had the privilege of training and gaining experience across mediums in both LA and the Bay Area. Al takes their passion and wit into every role and classroom. Equipped with an affinity for Shakespeare, the arts, and good timez, Al has made a home in several of SF Shakes’ education and community programs. Much of their professional journey prior to Shakes has been in youth education, theatrical arts, and outdoor recreation, with employers such as SF and Oakland USD, the GGNRA and MTC, as well as Americorps and the National Park Service. Al aims to cultivate a creative and welcoming space (cause that’s where the best stuff is made). They seek to make art, whether it be tender or laughable.

Charlie Lavaroni (they/she/he) is a bi-coastal actor and teaching artist. They have proudly performed at: SFBATCO, Shakespeare & Co., SF Shakespeare Festival, Livermore Shakespeare Festival, Catalyst Theatre, Big Idea Theatre, and the Davis Shakespeare Festival. She has played everyone from Nell Gwyn to Hades (and plenty of Shakespearian ladies in-between). He has trained at Shakes and Co’s month-long prestigious intensive and are a Resident Artist at HamletIsntDead in NYC. Gemini Sun/Cap Rising.

2023 sessions

2024 locations and dates are pending.  Sign Up to get first notice of new sessions.

OCT 21 - DEC 9

san francisco

St. John’s Church of Christ
501 Laguna Honda Blvd, San Francisco

7 sessions
Saturdays 1pm – 5pm (no session on 11/25)

Enrollment is now closed; sign up to get notice for upcoming sessions!