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See this? You do not have to be this fancy when you bring food to the park for a show.

Since this is our 36th year of existence, we know a thing or two about picnic food. In some of our venues, we do evening shows; in other venues, we do afternoon matinees. That means we’ve seen the best of lunch and dinner (in venues both hot and chilly!). This year, we really want to know what you bring to the park so please share it with us by taking a picture and using the #SFShakesDream hashtag!

Over the summer, we’re certain that our audiences will offer you plenty of inspiration for what to bring to munch on. And here are a few inspirations of our own:

This Buzzfeed article lists 23 great picnic foods that are fairly easy but look pretty fancy to us. If you’ve got the time, Saveur offers these picnic foods which may require a few extra steps for prep. But who are we kidding? Some of us will just make a mad dash through the nearest grocery store on our way to the park. In that case, the kind folks at Epicurious have these wonderful suggestions on just what to grab.

Of course, it can all depend on the size of your group and who is in it. For that reason, Parent Map offers Picnics 101 on cheap and easy family outings. (It’s terrific. Even a card-carrying grownup can benefit.) And this blog for families also has great tips, particularly if you’re heading to the park early that day.

For big groups, and if you like to like to cook to impress, take a gander at these 27 ideas on this blog or these 30 ideas from the good people at Midwest Living (no cooking required!). And here’s some great stuff that is NOT sandwiches!

Whether you’re a pro at this or a first timer, here are some quick reminders about enjoying a picnic in the park:

  1. Feel free to bring blankets and chairs. In most of our venues, there’s a designated section for high chairs and low chairs, so bring whatever you find comfy.
  2. Don’t be afraid to bring foods you have to eat with a fork! No need to limit yourself to sandwiches and chips.
  3. Our concessions menu is cookies, candy, soft drinks and water.
  4. Each venue offers good access to trash cans and restrooms.
  5. If you’re doing a serious picnic, plan to come about an hour early. That means you can claim a good spot and eat in leisure before our Green Show begins at a half hour before showtime.