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embodying shakespeare

In-depth workshops supporting Common Core curriculum

Our Embodying Shakespeare program is an artistic residency consisting of between 1 and 5 workshop sessions of 45 to 90 minutes each.  Our teaching artists partner with classroom teachers in core curriculum subjects such as English and History, using arts-based approaches that support state-mandated curriculum and teacher professional development.  Our standard Embodying Shakespeare curriculum can also be supplemented with content from our other in-class education programs, including Takes on Shakes and a variety of Specialty Shakes topics.

Pricing starts at an estimated $800-$1000 for 1 to 3 sessions in a day, and varies based on number of sessions, number of students/classes, number of teaching artists needed, required materials, and transportation.  We recommend most residencies for grades 4-12, but we can customize programs for younger students.  When in-person isn’t possible, our sessions can take place virtually.

working on a specific play?

Our curriculum is built around the exploration of a single, specific play. Are you studying Romeo & Juliet? Hamlet? The Tempest? No matter what it is, we’ve got you covered!

Don’t have a play in mind? Don’t worry! Our curriculum is custom built to supplement your journey into the world of Shakespeare.

residency focus

Our curriculum is designed to accommodate you and your students. Each session is carefully crafted around a specific lesson-plan. What are you looking to get out of your students?

  • Embodiment of Text – Lift the words off the page and directly engage your students into the abstract world of Shakespeare’s text. This lesson plan is the best way to bridge the gap to Shakespeare for those students having a difficult entry into his works.
  • Character Exploration – Delve into the life and perspective of the characters. This curriculum explores a range of topics from status to character archetypes across Shakespeare’s cannon.
  • Language & Subtext – Explore the text and delve deep into what lies below it. This lesson will dig into the intricate layers of Shakespeare’s wordplay.
  • Themes of the Play – Expand the themes your play and unveil the realities behind the poetry. This curriculum aims to help your students reflect on how relevant the themes of these plays are to our modern-day lives.

what's in a residency?

  • Each class is taught by a team of two Teaching Artists.
  • At the top of the class our TAs perform a scene from your selected play to demonstrate how individual interpretation of the text affects how those same characters are understood by the audience.
  • The TAs will lead the class through a number of theatrical exercises and games which will directly interact with each student so that they will be tasked with engaging body, voice, movement, and mind to explore themes of the show, subtext, rhythm of the text, status, and effect of body language and vocal choices on the interpretation of text.
  • Our exercises aim to tap into the spirit of play as an entry point and gateway to deeper understanding and personal connection to the material.