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Skylar, second from right, laughs with her friends at Shakespeare Players camp.
 Last month we interviewed a camp parent. This month, we thought it’d be nice to hear from a current camper. Skylar Tang, who started coming to Bay Area Shakespeare Camps when she was seven, is currently a fifth grader in the San Mateo Foster City School District GATE Program at College Park Elementary School. Fun story about Skylar that we love: in 4th grade she was elected Vice President of Student Council at her school, and she credited the success and confident delivery of her campaign speech to her time in Shakespeare camp (and she continues to serve on Student Council now)!  

We asked Skylar what she enjoys about the SF Shakes camp experience. Here’s what she had to say:

  1. What did you expect when you showed up for your first day of Shakespeare camp?

I expected it to be a place where you learned about acting, and performed a play. I thought I was going to learn in detail what Shakespeare did in his life, and about his plays. It turned out to be a much more hands-on camp with really fun activities!


  1. What has surprised you most about camp?

I have always been surprised at the result of the play. On the last day (Friday), I am always a bit nervous to perform the play, but afterwards I look back and realize that everyone did amazing despite only having 2 weeks.


  1. What’s your favorite thing about camp every year?

I always enjoy the Production and Design classes. You make sculptures, props, and design your costume for the play. It is a really fun way to get to know your play better. My favorite activity in the class is when we get to make our costumes and props. It is super fun to cut up fabric to make a tunic, and to make swords out of cardboard.


  1. How have your camp experiences impacted your life during the school year?

Shakespeare camp has helped me a lot with public speaking. I can speak much louder and much more clearly. I’ve had to give many presentations in school and I am comfortable with it. I used to be very scared of talking to strangers and in front of a crowd. I’ve become much more confident and now I enjoy public speaking.


  1. What would you tell other students to encourage them to try camp?

I would tell them that it is a great experience. You get to learn about and act in a Shakespeare play. It is really fun to learn your lines, create your props, and to act your part. You will learn a lot and have lots of fun at Shakespeare Camp.


Thank you so much, Skylar, for being a Camp Fan and coming back year after year. We look forward to seeing you again this summer!

*This interview has been edited for length and clarity.